The Evolution of Digital Strategy

The Evolution of Digital Strategy

Here at Zovo Media we believe that the evolution of Strategy is what makes us human. Can you believe such a claim? You definitely should! As humans, our ability to communicate and make well-reasoned, strategic decisions is the largest bridge separating us from the animal kingdom. It is having the foresight to retreat a little in the short term in order to be able to charge forward at a later date. To see just a little further than the events happening right now, and take their consequences into account when finally acting. When the dolphin remembers the unique whistles of its long lost friends after 20 years of separation, and the macaque monkey uses a rock to smash open a nut, it is a sign of a similar tendency. The few animals capable of seeing past the horizon of instant gratification belong to a very exclusive group. Luckily, evolution highly favoured us there.

Strategy helped us become the rulers of the world. The best part is, it can help you rule the digital world too.

So, strategy being the cornerstone of evolution is perhaps not so hard to believe after all. We are proudly perched on top of the pyramid of life, and strategic thinking got us there.

How does this work in practice?

Interestingly, strategy is not just a line dividing humans and animals. Nations, companies, individuals — the very “hierarchy” of mankind is clearly structured according to our skills in strategy. And it goes back all the way to our childhoods. In a famous experiment from Stanford, kids were given the choice of receiving one marshmallow right away, or two later. Only a third of the children delayed their gratification to double the reward.

What makes this experiment outstanding is that follow-up studies showed that the children with “delay ability” were more successful later in life, be it in terms of studies, health, income, love, stress or drug use.

Similarly, studies by Dohmen show that a staggering 40% of national wealth stems from citizens’ ability to work hard today to get rewards later. The same relation can be observed between regions and individuals —where richer areas and persons show stronger signs of strategic thinking. Naturally, the same goes for companies. A 2017 study shows that 90% of CEOs are stressed about short-term results.

…meanwhile, out of 615 large and mid-cap companies publicly listed in the United Kingdom, those that identified as long-term increased sales profit with 35-50% more than the average company over the last 15 years.

Strategy Goes Digital

Mix strategic thinking with the power of initiative, and you’ll wind up with the driving force that has secured humanity’s unparalleled success. Add digital into the mix and a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

Lucky for you, Zovo Media stands in the sweet spot where the key success factor in human history meets mankind’s most powerful technology ever!

In this very moment, digital strategy is the pillar of success, the world’s most important instrument to get anywhere. So, to say that not worth 10 minutes of your day to enquire, might just be the understatement of the century.

Next time your CEO tells you to focus on the Q3 results, or a politician promises quick fixes to get your vote, you’ll know better. Next time you hear someone defend rash actions with such a beautiful word as agile — “We better do something, and do it fast!” — it’s time to tell them to stop being an animal.

Move forward within your industry with the help of Zovo Media

Ignore the ignorants and rest assured that working with Zovo Media is much more crucial for success than working with other backstreet companies offering quick short-term results.

We take advantage of the immense area of opportunity where strategy meets digital. Zovo Media will take you beyond evolution, past success and straight into the ranks of the true heroes!

Everyone can dream of ruling the world… but only digital strategists will get there. Aren’t you glad you’re about to join the ranks of digital heroes daring to change the world?

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