The Six Subgoals of Online Marketing

The Six Subgoals of Online Marketing

Before we start any project at Zovo Media, we must sit down and think about what we would like the expected outcome to be. Digital marketing allows for much more precision when it comes to setting your objectives. And since you can, you should! Otherwise you are not doing your job (and just really letting time and money go to waste).

Branding Goals

In digital strategy, branding is divided into three subgoals, each contributing to the relationship between the customer and the brand:

1. Awareness is about drawing customers’ attention to the brand. “Hey, look at me!”

2. Relation is about nurturing the relationships between the customer and the brand. “I really like you, do you like me back?”

3. Community is about creating and managing a brand -centred community. “Lets hang out with your friends and family. We’ll get along famously!”

For potential customers to enter a relationship with the brand, they first need to be aware of it. Other traditional media, such as TV and Radio adverts, works well toward this end.

Moving on to building a relationship? Digital media reigns here — with the possibility of personalization and re-targeting, consumers can be truly pampered! There are few, if any, ways to achieve that outside the digital realm.

Community, however, has no match in the analog world. By engaging your customers in a brand-enthusiast crowd, you reach the ultimate branding goal: they become members of a tribe, and your brand becomes a part of their identity.

Business Goals

In digital strategy, Business goals are also divided into three subgoals:

  • New Sell: getting a customer to make a first purchase
  •  Repeat Sell: having a customer return for more purchases
  •  Cross Sell: getting a customer to try your other products

What does this mean? Imagine you’re selling bags. If a potential customer buys one of your bags, you’ve just made a new sale. If you then start a relationship and keep the customer so happy that they return for more bags, you are making a repeat sale. What’s is cross selling then? Great question. That’s when you turn their attention to those scented candles you sell. If they truly love your brand, they’ll need to have the spy camera pen you released too. And so it goes until you get world domination.

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